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Musicianship Awards

The Kodály approach we use to learn music at our school means that children internalise pitch, pulse and rhythm, which makes reading and performing much more musical and natural.  We know that EVERY child is musical whether or not they have instrumental lessons outside their weekly classes.
To recognise the intense cognitive work that goes into musicianship all our children now have the opportunity to take a Bronze, Silver and Gold award.  These awards are called the Musical Talent Award (MTA) and tests are taken on Tuesday and Thursday lunch times.
To help your child prepare for the test the elements are listed below. A list of songs on the Song Wall can be found by scrolling down this page.
Bronze Award:
  • Sing 5 songs from Song Wall (one has to be a rhyme)
  • 1 has to be sung with Patsy pulse

  • 1 has to be sung with Robbie rhythm

  • 1 has to be sung with hand signs

  • Clap 4 rhythms from flash cards

Silver Award:
  • Sing 10 songs from the Song Wall (two have to be rhymes)
  • 2 have to be performed with an instrument on pulse

  • 2 have to be with performed with an instrument on rhythm

  • 2 have to be performed with hand signs

  • 1 has to be performed with pulse and rhythm at the same time

  • One has to be performed in front of class

  • Clap 8 rhythms from flash cards 

  • Sing 2 pitch flash cards

Gold Award:
  • Sing one in front of assembly

  • Perform in canon with another person

  • 12 songs from the Song Wall and 3 of your choice (15 in total)

  • 3 have to be rhymes

  • Perform at least 3 on your instrument of choice

  •  Sing and conduct in 2 time

  • Sing and conduct in 3 time

  • Clap 16 rhythm flash cards (including 4 in 3 time)

  • Sing 4 pitch flash cards

Song Wall

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