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Worplesdon Primary School

Worplesdon Primary School

Helping children develop a love of life and learning.

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Our Learning

Learning at Worplesdon Primary School


The learning and teaching at Worplesdon Primary School will equip children with a toolkit of transferable skills to enable them to become learners for life and with the skills and knowledge that they require to function positively in their present and future lives.

Overall Learning & Teaching Philosophy

As represented in the diagram below, the way in which we go about creating an effective teaching and learning environment is to place the Pupil at the centre of everything we do, recognising that every Pupil must be valued and respected for what he/she brings to the learning situation.  It is the responsibility of both teachers and teaching assistants to build on their existing knowledge, experience and skills and to promote an environment where the Pupil “learns to learn” and increasingly takes responsibility for improving the value of every interaction to improve the quality of the learning.

The interaction between Teacher and pupils (both individually and collectively) is at the core of effective learning.  This core interaction – which needs to be as consistently creative as possible – is enabled by the capacity and skills of both teachers and pupils in delivering and receiving learning and the physical and emotional environment in which the interaction takes place.

Finally, we recognise that specific support needs to be given to both Teacher and Pupil based on an assessment of effective progress and in keeping with the values of the school.


Envis Way, Worplesdon, Guildford , Surrey GU3 3NL

01483 232126