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Proposed Federation

Proposal to Federate Wood Street and Worplesdon Schools

The governing bodies of Wood Street Infant School and Worplesdon Primary School have decided to consult with parents, carers, staff, and the community on a proposal to federate the two schools. We have included here an explanation of what “federation” is and an outline of the proposal. A Frequently Asked Questions document can also be found attached.

The governing boards of Wood Street Infant School and Worplesdon Primary School signed a memorandum of understanding in December 2021 to consult on federating in 2022. This was a decision reached by both governing boards and is supported by the Local Education Authority (LEA).

What is a Federation?

A Federation is where two or more schools share a governing board.

  • Both schools will remain independent; they will not merge into one school.

  • Pupils will not change schools.

  • The names of the schools will not change, nor will the uniforms.

  • Admission arrangements will not change for either school.

  • Both schools will continue to receive individual budgets.

  • Both schools will continue to serve their respective communities and retain their

    catchment areas.

What will happen to the current Governing Boards?

If federation goes ahead, both governing boards will be dissolved, and a single governing board will be formed. In accordance with legislation the governing board will consist of 15 governors comprising of:

Governor Number Details
Executive Headteacher 1  
Headteacher of Worplesdon Primary School 1  
Head of Wood Street Infant School 1  
Staff Governors 2 One from each school
Local Authority Governor 1  
Parent Governors 4 Two from each school
Co-opted Governors 5  
TOTAL 15  

The Federation’s aim is to ensure that the unique identity, visions and values of both schools and their communities, are maintained.

The success of our partnership over recent months is due in a large part to the similar values, aims and attitudes of both schools, which we have used to form our vision for the Federation.

Vision for the Federation

At the Federated schools of Wood Street Infant School and Worplesdon Primary School we will nurture a love of life, love of learning and mutual respect. We aim to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where everyone is happy, valued and every voice is heard. We want children to leave our schools equipped with the skills to become valued and responsible members of the community.

What are the benefits for our children?

  • The opportunity to secure the highest possible standard of education for our children by combining the skills, knowledge, and expertise of both staffs to improve the quality of teaching and learning for our children.

  • A wider range of learning opportunities can be offered by sharing facilities, resources, and teacher expertise.

  • Enhanced learning provision through joint educational visits, visitors, workshops, and resources.

  • To extend the opportunities available to all pupils so that they can access the benefits of a larger school within a small school setting.


How will federating benefit our staff?

  • By providing a challenging and rewarding environment in which to grow professionally, giving opportunities that might not otherwise exist in the individual school setting.

  • Staff will be able to share knowledge and expertise over a wider colleague base and share best practice across both schools, broadening skills and dialogue across the range of curriculum areas.

  • The federation will maximise the sharing of resources across both schools to enlarge the range of resources for all staff to use in their teaching.

  • Federating could have the potential to reduce of workloads by sharing planning, curriculum leadership etc. across the two school staffs.

What are the benefits to parents and the local community?

  • Federating will secure the schools as vibrant and innovative centres of learning within their local communities, helping to protect the future of both schools in the local area.

  • It will provide increased opportunities for an outstanding quality of education for every child.

The next step.....

This document was the start of a six-week consultation period on the proposal to federate which closed on Wednesday 8th June. The consultation process is a statutory part of the procedure for forming a federation between the two schools governed by regulation and the governing boards of the schools proposing to federate must consult with:

  • Surrey County Council as the Local Education Authority (LEA).

  • Staff paid to work at the schools

  • Parents/carers of registered pupils at the schools

  • Any other persons the governing bodies consider appropriate

A letter will be sent to the Secretary of State within one week of publication of this document informing of the start of consultation by the governing boards of Wood Street Infants and Worplesdon Primary Schools informing them of our intention to federate.

If you wish to ask any questions or raise any concerns about the proposal to federate these should be handed in writing to the reception desk at either school or sent by email to the chair of governors.

The closing date for the return of any responses to this consultation was Wednesday 8th June 2022.

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