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Worplesdon Primary School

Worplesdon Primary School

Helping children develop a love of life and learning.

Governing Body

The Governing Body works with the Head Teacher to continually improve the school.  It is responsible for promoting high standards of achievement and at all times should act in the best interests of the children.

 Governing Body Vision

The governors believe that at our school every child is important and although their abilities vary we value the contribution each one makes to school life.  Our aim is to ensure that each child develops a love of learning and has the opportunity to achieve their academic potential. 

During their time at Worplesdon Primary School the children experience a wide range of learning opportunities.  We see their time with us as the start of a journey, setting them on course to success and achieve their aspirations.  We hope they look back on their time at Worplesdon Primary School with affection and happy memories, and a recognition that our support helped shape the people they have become.

We offer them a safe and inclusive setting in which to achieve this because we have a dedicated staff team who work closely with governors and parents.  

At our last inspection OFSTED deemed us to be a ‘good’ school; we are determined to work constantly to maintain and improve our standards.

 Key Function of Governing Body

As the school’s accountable body its key functions are to:

  • Set the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Set the aims and objectives for the school, and agree policies and targets for achieving them;
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives;
  • Be a source of challenge and support to the Head Teacher (a critical friend);
  • Hold the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils;
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

 Governing Body Structure

The Governing Body consists of 10 governors, who are appointed for a 4 year term of office.  They represent various elements of the local community and cover a wide range of expertise and skills.  

Governors undertake additional professional development training as appropriate to assist in governing duties and strive to develop the Governing Body.

In general, the full Governing Body have a minimum of two meetings each term, one of these being a statutory meeting.

The Governing Body takes an active part in school life, supporting school events as well as undertaking formal visits.  Each governor is linked to a particular subject and visits the school on a regular basis to monitor and evaluate the progress in achieving the aims and objectives set out in the School Development Plan. 

 List of Governors

Governing Body

Chair Person

Mr Matt Woodruff (Co-opted governor)

Co-opted Governors

Mrs Pauline Alexander

Mr James Faulkner

Mr Stephen Pitman (vice chair)

Head Teacher Governor Mrs Kareen O'Brien
Local Authority Governor Mrs Ginny Willis

Parent Governors

Mrs Katie Chance

Mr Daniel Higgins

Mr Neil Monro

Staff Governors

Mrs Rachel Sherlock

Ex-Officio Mrs Laura Bassett-Cross
Clerk to Governors Mr Malcolm Bradley

Record of Governor Meeting Attendance

Governor Meeting Attendance 2019 to 2020

Governor Sept Oct Dec Jan Mar Apr Jun Jul



Mrs Pauline Alexander

Appointed 21.10.2019

- - Y Y Y Y Y Y 6/6
Mrs Laura Bassett-Cross Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y 7/8

Mrs Katie Chance

Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8

Mr Julian Dance

Resigned 31.12.2019

Y Y Y - - - - - 3/3

Mr James Faulkner

Appointed 27.01.2020

- - - Y Y Y Y Y 5/5
Mr Daniel Higgins Y N Y Y N Y Y Y 6/8

Mr Neil Munro

Appointed 09.12.2019

- - Y Y Y Y Y Y 6/6
Mrs Kareen O'Brien Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y 7/8
Mr Stephen Pitman Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y 7/8

Mrs Rachel Sherlock

Appointed 27.01.2020

- - - N Y Y Y Y 4/5

Mrs Ann Weller

Appointed 27.01.20

Y Y - N Y Y Y Y 6/8

Mrs Jane White

Resigned 8.12.2019

Y Y - - - - - - 2/2
Mrs Ginny Willis Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y 7/8
Mr Matthew Woodruff Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8

Governor Meeting Attendance  2018 to 2019

Governor Sept Oct Dec Jan Mar Apr May Jul



Mrs Laura Bassett-Cross Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8

Mrs Katie Chance

Appointed 16.11.2018

- - Y Y Y Y Y Y 6/6
Mr Julian Dance Y Y Y N N N Y Y 5/8
Mr Daniel Higgins  Y Y Y Y N N Y Y 6/8
Mrs Kareen O'Brien Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8
Mr Stephen Pitman Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8
Mrs Ann Weller Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y 7/8
Mrs Jane White Y N N N N N Y N


Mrs Ginny Willis Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8
Mr Matthew Woodruff Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y 8/8

Mrs Joy Wright

Resigned 7.11.2018

Y N - - - - - - 1/2
Please see the sub menu page Governor Information for full Governor disclosure and below for communications from the Governing Board

Envis Way, Worplesdon, Guildford , Surrey GU3 3NL

01483 232126